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Nowadays, the sustainability issues related to business processes are essential to be measured & communicated in terms of the impact. Most likely, these issues are not only standalone elements, but instead are having profound impacts on the companies themselves and their stakeholders. These are having wide-ranging impacts on all sustainability dimensions, including community, environmental, workplace, and marketplace impacts. For this reason, it is crucial to adopt the right practices & build methodologies to strategically enhance the value of sustainability—especially marked by proactive planning, measuring, and evaluating.

At BRC, we take great pride in our commitment to providing recycling solutions in a responsive, high quality manner and, in our excellence at recognizing unexploited recycling ventures both nationally and regionally.

Unquestionably our recycled end product adheres to international standards. As we continue to strive in supplying quality recycled material to our clients; in doing so, insuring a long-term relationship that is mutually rewarding. Establishing partnerships with our clients and our continuous search for methods and equipment to enhance our product is the key to our success.

We believe successful business is achieved through a balance of experiences, a working knowledge of today’s best practices and acquiring cutting edge technology. We offer decades of expertise while offering innovative solutions using state of the art techniques. Accordingly, we take a proactive approach to staff recruitment, their training and ultimate development.

We strongly believe, as an integral part of the community, to reciprocate our success. Our CSR program in environmental awareness and the benefits of recycling is on our list of duties and responsibilities.

We take pride in the quality of our recycled product and continue to be extremely versatile to unexpected changes in market demands. These are the keystones to our recycling ventures.




Beatouna Recycling Company aims for more recycled products, increased production-related energy savings, reduced demand for landfill space and, of course, a cleaner, healthier environment. This also promotes the importance of recycling to protect Kuwait’s environment by building environmental awareness through formulating recycling programs that are introduced to our multitude of customers in both private and public sectors and encouraging them to utilize these programs for the benefit of Kuwait’s environment and the global environment.


We, at Beatouna Recycling Company, are aware of our vital role in increasing the community awareness of the waste recycling importance. As a part of our community social responsibility program, we continuously invite schools and colleges students to visit our recycling plant. The plant tour is considered a great opportunity to see the facility, meet our expert team, and gain a better understanding of the plastic recycling processes. The presentation is held usually at BRC auditorium room, which is equipped with latest devices and utilities, making the visit enjoyable and informative for the visitors.