Waste Solutions

Waste Management

Through innovative technology, Beatouna Factory meticulously sorts and segregates waste into different elements. An advanced baling process compresses the material into secure blocks to recycle it later.

Collecting Waste

We work with companies and businesses by giving consultation and solutions to lower their footprints and be waste-free businesses.

Plastic Recycling

The facility operates at European standards and is equipped with cutting-edge technology provided by SOREMA and EREMA, leading firms in the plastic washing and extruding industry. The Facility currently generates more than 12,000 tons annually which is the largest amongst all plastic recycling factories in Kuwait.

Paper Processing

As Kuwait’s first paper processing plant, the facility specializes in the collection, sorting, and baling of numerous grades of paper. The facility’s technology is capable of processing office paper waste alongside industrial paper and cardboard waste to meet the demands of any business needs.

We deliver quality recycled products that you can trust.

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Globally recognized and certified.

Through unmatched waste solutions, Beatouna earned industry recognition as a leading waste and environmental management solutions provider. Beatouna is recognized as a trusted partner and a premier provider of safe, environmentally-friendly solutions.

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